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Kamboj Unisex Salon  – A fully Professional, Luxurious and Hygienic Unisex beauty salon with qualified & experienced male / female staff.

Over past few years beauty salons have become an iconic image in both Indian and Western culture. It is an ideal place for skin enrichment, hair care, hair style, makeup & complete body care. Now a days people visit such places very frequently. Modern women are more conscious about their look, beauty & fashion, which turns the beauty industry in a promising position.

Kamboj Unisex Salon  brings you an exciting interactive experience: a highly personalized and intuitive service with expert advice to answer all your beauty questions. It Offers Make Up services, Hair Style & Treatment, Skin Treatment services, Body Massage Services and Bridal Packages.

Life’s too short… Treat yourself

1.     Perfect Makeup & Trendy Hair Style
2.     Perfect Brides
3.     Brilliant Body
4.     Radiant Faces
5.     Spa

Unique Selling Point:.

1.  Hassle Free Business.
2.  7 year agreement with system & support.
3.  Profit start from 1st Year.
4.  Break Even Point (Return of Investment) in just second year.
5.  International setup & Equipment.
6.  Providing service and selling Products.
7. Fully Loaded with information & Technology.
11. Profit Assurance
12. Dead stock Management.
13. Training & Skill Development.
14. Staff Management .
15. Marketing, Advertisement & Publicity.
16. AMC Management.
17. Start with your Current Business.
18. Loanable Project under various government sponsor scheme.
19. Quality & Hygienic Control.
20. Time to Time Smart Business Strategy Management
21. Territorial Protection.

Advantages of Brand Franchise Business

  • Low Cost & High Return Business
  • 24*7 Brand Support
  • Established brand
  • We believe in 100% transparency
  • Unlimited Growth Opportunity
  • Quick ROI.
  • Staff Training and support by Brand
  • Help in Marketing

Team, Kamboj Unisex Salon 

Kamboj Unisex Salon

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